How to Deal With Criticisms and Bashes

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getthatjob_handle_criticismAs if people are all perfect, there are those who criticize a lot like it’s their social pastime or they are going to earn some money out of the “job.” Where criticisms are thrown at you, it’s hard to deny that you are not hurt even for a bit. Some entertainment celebrities nowadays say that they have master the art of not caring about criticisms and ignore bashers while treating them as crap messages. In this article, we will learn how to shrug our shoulders off criticisms and plainly not care about them.

How to Deal With Criticisms and Bashes

1. Meditate on the Quiet

Find a spot anywhere where you are comfortable. Lay on the floor or bed and turn your eyes to the ceiling. Think of nothing or just listen to some cool music. Stop thoughts concerning the criticism or even the appearance of the person who said bad things about you. You can also do this activity while on the pool or a body of water. Look to the sky and enjoy nature.

2. Think Rationally

After clearing your mind, make sure you are calm enough to analyze the words said by the “critic.” First think of the credibility of the person. If this is Nina Garcia and she spoke badly about the way you wore your clothes when you first met (although this is unlikely because she’s a gracious and careful person), then you may consider believing and recognize how you are to improve your fashion sense. But if this is a person who frequents fashion events without actually having a strong background on fashion, question why in the world you are being affected.

3. Go Low

If these first two ways do not work, recognize the fact that even the most grandiose models and designers are criticized as well. People may be just good at exercising their freedom of speech and their liberty to show how they dislike a certain person or a certain thing. To be reminded, go through the pages of your favorite magazine and read through the scandals of idols in the industry and negative reviews of the books you love. Yup, this activity will get you enraged.

4. Leave a Distance

Know that earth is not a heavenly place where everyone loves you for being you and recognize your genius. Do not try to defend yourself through words but through actions, as talking back won’t make any impact or great result. They might only despise you for overreacting. When they are not exactly nice, treating them as bad will worsen the scenario. The best way to deal with the critiques is to leave a distance and improve your flaws. Show them how and why you don’t deserve their nasty criticisms.

5. Don’t Shout Out

With social media and blogging become more popular than ever, people’s emotions are everywhere. Arguments and other detractors are put in writing, and this is not a good way to sideline the bashing. On the web, you should maintain a good profile and putting negative comments will not help. If you are upset (as the victim), talk to your close friends and people you trust about it and don’t allow your negative reflections to flow through the public. Trust me, you won’t gain anything good from it.

Wrap Up

Two words: MOVE FORWARD.

Continue to be awesome and create the great work that you do. Don’t dwell, fight against or try to influence the opinions of people who don’t like you and/or what you’re doing. Just be nice and try your best! And don’t forget to smile.

This is a guest post by Rochkirstin Santos, an IT person by profession, foodie by nature, wushu athlete by training, dancer by heart and writer by passion. If you want to read more of her articles, check her blog at where she shares casual thoughts about life, celebrations, food reviews and other events. Follow Rochkirstin on Twitter (@rochkirstin) to get connected!

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