Great Business Ideas Apt for the Health & Fitness Industry

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Great Business Ideas Apt for the Health And Fitness IndustryRecently, people have been increasingly health-conscious. This may be partly due to the prevalence of many diseases across the globe. Moreover, medical findings on how certain personal habits could be seriously dangerous to one’s health have been cropping up.  Due to these facts, more and more people have been looking for ways to ensure their good health such as eating right, doing regular exercise, and minimizing stress. Thinking of this, it wouldn’t be too far off to conclude that the health and fitness industry would be a good place to start brainstorming for business ideas, wouldn’t you say? Well, if you are fresh out of concepts for possible start-ups right now, the following might help give you some insights.

Dance Studio

Dancing is a good workout and it actually improves your balance and coordination skills. Filipinos have a rich cultural background in dance and music. In fact, every region has one or two traditional dances, and grade school children are taught about these dances in school.

This business idea is not really novel here in the country. A few local dance studios actually found international prominence by exhibiting some traditional dances in other countries. Now, if you’re thinking of what services to offer, consider providing lessons for both traditional and modern dances. You may also form a dance group and perform in local events as part of your marketing campaign.

Fitness Gym

Over the years, more and more Filipinos have recognized the benefits of aerobics and other forms of exercise. Due to this, many have become interested in joining fitness clubs. Some are even offering Zumba classes at malls and other public places for a fee. If you’re thinking of opening up this type of business, you don’t really have to have expensive equipment right away. You could just hire professional trainers and aerobics instructors and start offering classes on a daily or weekly basis for a start. You may even offer yoga classes because there’s a growing community interested in that as well.

Boxing Center

Boxing can improve your endurance, tone your muscles, and generally keep you fit. It is also quite a popular sport in the Philippines. This may be due to the various championship belts that Filipino boxers have won in international leagues over the decades. Indeed, this country is where boxing legends such as Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Manny Pacquiao, and the fairly recent favourite Filipino-American Nonito Donaire come from. So yes, this particular sport is in our blood, so to speak. As a matter of fact,  Pacquiao has his own boxing gyms. If you’re contemplating following in the footsteps of Pacquiao and open a boxing gym, you might need a real professional boxer for your marketing campaign to bring attention to it. If you plan to start small though, offering basic training and having basic equipment might do.

Health Food & Drinks

Aside from offering fitness training, boxing and dance lessons, you may also try your hand at offering healthy food and drinks. Many Filipinos might be fond of fast food, but if there are tasty and reasonably priced choices that they know are good for them as well, they will surely try them out. All you need is a clever marketing campaign and you’re good to go.

The options above are certainly not the only business ideas you can tap into in the health and fitness niche. If you’d prefer, you may also try out opening up a spa where people can get massages to get rid of stress or a martial arts dojo where they could learn self-defense techniques while staying fit.

AuthorBioAnna Garcia writes for Regus Philippines. Regus PH is a member of Regus, an international provider of flexible workspace, business lounges, as well as professional support for small to medium-sized businesses.

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