Three Lucrative Home Business Ideas for Moms

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Since the month of May has been designated as the month for mothers, it will only be appropriate to share something that’s exclusively for Filipino moms out there. If you’re a mama, nanay or ina, here are some business worthy concepts that you may earn extra income from:


carinderia in Nueva Vizcaya
Image Source: A carinderia in Nueva Vizcaya

This local term means “eatery” or some place that sells home-cooked meals. According to an article, its history goes way back to the time of the British occupation, when some Indian servants deserted their British masters and married Filipino women. These Indians, with their wives, were the ones who set up the first “karinderias” — from the word “kari” which is the local equivalent for “curry”.

Whichever region or city you are in the Philippines, there will always be people who’ll be looking to enjoy some home cooking without having to sweat over the stove themselves. In fact, this is probably one of the most popular business ventures in the country. You just have to start really early in the morning though, if you want to be able to prepare more than 5 dishes to sell every day. And you also have to do your market run every day so you’ll have fresh ingredients. The best times to go to the market are late evenings or at dawn.

To set this up, you can just free up some space in your yard and put up some plastic tables and chairs. Et voila, you will then have a carinderia. If your home is near a bus station or jeepney stop, you’ll be raking in profits in no time.

Second-Hand Shop

man selling second-hand books
Image Source: A man selling second-hand books

Filipinos are fond of cheap buys, so most likely it will not be difficult to find customers for this business venture. And you don’t even have to actually have a brick-and-mortar establishment. You can just take pictures of the items you’re selling and set up an online shop. You can start with just a few items and gradually grow your product list. Of course, it will also be a good idea if you have legitimate business address and perhaps a virtual assistant who can take calls for you. You can get these from home business packages.

If you really want to have walk-in customers, you can set up tables, shelves and clothing racks in your front yard and have sort of a rummage sale display. You have to be extra vigilant though, since it may be pretty easy for shoplifters to nab some of your items without you noticing. To prevent this, it may be best that you get someone to help you keep a lookout.

Handmade Goods

bunch of handmade pillows
Image Source: A bunch of handmade pillows

If you are fond of making things, you can turn that hobby into an enterprise. You’d be surprised how many people are interested in handmade goods these days. Whether you’re into knitting, crocheting, sewing, or just making any decorative baubles; you can sell these online.

To start, you can post your products on the popular e-commerce website for handmade items,, create a Facebook page, or set up your own online shop. You’ll not have difficulty with the delivery because there are a lot of affordable courier services around. If your buyers live in the same city, town, or somewhere nearby; you can offer to meet up with them and they can save on shipping fees. For the payment method, you can receive them through PayPal or opt for money transfers. If you want it through PayPal though, you’d have to set up your account beforehand since activation may take some time to accomplish.

Aside from the suggestions above, you can also have online tutorials on any subject you may have expertise in, try your hand at blogging and freelance copy writing, or set up a catering business. Regardless which business endeavour you choose, as long as you’re willing to work hard for it and you have the determination to see it through, then you’ll be perfectly fine. After all, no one has more determination in her veins than a Filipino mom.

Author Bio : Anna Garcia is a freelance writer for a wide range of business clients, including Regus, a multinational company that has offices in 600 cities around the world. They provide serviced offices, business lounges, meeting rooms and virtual solutions for small businesses as well as large companies.

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