Mind-Blowing Card Trick Performed On a Pool Table

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Everybody loves a good card trick. They are fun to watch at parties or even on the street when a magician offers to do a performance upclose for you and your friends. Part of the thrill is keeping your eyes peeled to see how the performer does the routine and try to catch if he or she is cheating.

Well, that is if the card trick isn’t as complicated as this one.

Performed by Dave Duggan on the pool table of a bar, spectators were simply stunned as he showed off his skills – using an entire deck of playing cards. The mind-blowing trick started with Dave giving the deck several cuts and shuffles. He then proceeded to tell a story while flipping out the cards one at a time.

At one point, he asked one of the audiences to do a cut plus he impressed them by pulling a card out of thin air. Everyone in the room was laughing as they watched the awesome presentation. The crowd applauded and gave the trickster taps on the back after he finished the routine.

As of this writing, the video shared on Facebook has achieved viral status and has already been viewed more than 5 million times and 100,000 shares since it was first uploaded online. Netizens who saw the short clip were clearly very amazed with this guy’s impressive card trick which combines masterful card handling and story-telling skills at the same time.

According to a Mirror blog, the trick is Dave’s twist on James Galea‘s popular trick called 673 King Street. His own spin on the trick proved to be a hit among the local bar patrons and online viewers the world over.

Here goes the full 3-minute video of Dave Duggan’s trick. Click the play button and be astonished!

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