Video: Huge Black Snake Drops into Kitchen Basket and Swallows Egg

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Robert Hildreth and Laura Neff of Charlotte, North Carolina had an unexpected visitor one Sunday afternoon on their farmette – a huge black snake!

It seemed like an ordinary day until the two noticed a “noise in the kitchen.” They went ahead to check it out and were surprised to find a slithering serpent in their spice cabinet. It descended toward a basket filled with fresh eggs and started to swallow one of the eggs.

Using Robert’s smartphone camera (Laura’s was too close to the snake so she couldn’t grab it), they were able to capture a 54-second footage of the entire incident.

The video was first shared on Facebook but they also put it up on YouTube with the title “And Then THIS Descended into our Kitchen Egg Basket…”

According to Laura’s description, the serpent in question is actually a Rat Snake so it’s really not as harmful as others. It’s actually “non-venomous” and “beneficial” because its diet is mostly composed of rodents.

Later on, they discovered that the snake entered their home through a hole in the laundry room floor. They quickly learned their lesson and decided to have it covered with a “VERY heavy concrete block” to make sure that there would be no unwanted visitors again in the future.

Although it was not caught on camera, Laura confirms that they did “let it finish the egg.” It took them some time but they successfully took the snake out of the house by “using two brooms” and “(hefting) it out the window.”

The clip has been shared repeatedly on social media. It has also been viewed more than 186,000 times since being uploaded on YouTube on June 1, 2015. shared some comments from the viewers including one which said

“This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen not on National Geographic.” Another one remarked “This would have given me heart failure.”

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

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