World Record: Fastest Dog on Front Paws

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fastest dog on front paws
Screenshot of YouTube video by Guinness World Records

Most dogs move using all four legs (unless they have a handicap in any of the legs) but there are those that have been trained to move on just their front paws or hind legs. The latter bunch of dogs is rare.

Guinness World Records recently conferred a dog named Konjo the honor of being the fastest one to run on its front paws by running 5 meters in just 2.39 seconds, beating a previous record of 7.76 held by a Pomeranian, Jiff the Dog. Still, Jiff does not have to be sad as he still holds the record for fastest dog running on just hind legs. Plus, Jiff is one of the world’s most famous dogs, holding celebrity status and adored by many fans, including celebrities like Katy Perry!

Konjo is a cross of several dog species which might be the perfect combination for his success as the fastest dog running on its front paws. Light frame and strong legs make it easier for him to switch from running on all fours to just his front paws – it really is amazing to watch this tiny dog move!

Congrats, Konjo!

Watch both Jiff and Konjo in action in this awesome video by Guinness World Records:

Sources: Huffington Post, YouTube/Guinness World Records

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