Best 3 Summer Coolers

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Halo-Halo Summer Coolers

The Philippines has two seasons— the wet and the dry season. Whenever the latter season arrives, it prompts many people to creep on to something cold. As a matter of fact, many Filipinos drive to beaches to cool down. However, there is another trick that makes Filipinos enjoy the summer with the delightful summer coolers.

Summer coolers are sweet and cold delectable delights. These treats run in different kinds that overwhelm the hot temperature brought about by the dry season. With a variety of options to choose from, you will never get melted during the spike of heat.

If you are going to choose on the summer coolers that will not only satisfy coolness but as well as your taste buds, then check out my best mouth-watering summer coolers in the Philippines.

3. Ice candy

The ice candy is one of my favorite coolers. This is primarily because the ice candy comes with a variety of frozen flavors. These include mango, chocolate, or fruit salad. Nonetheless, these delights are affordably sweet and tasty for summer.

2. Halo-halo

Either the halo-halo is just plain and ordinary or extra special; it is still one of the bests. There is something on this delight that would make me want for more. Actually, it is the delightful taste of the combination of ingredients.

To start with, ordinary halo-halo is an affordable cooler in the Philippines. With just five or ten pesos, you are well-off to have a tasty cooler. You can get the luscious sweetness and as well as the coolness from this delight because of the ingredients. Inclusions to these are sago, gulaman, sweetened banana, mongo, sweet beans, sugar, milk, crushed ice and many more.

As for the special halo-halo, special add-ons are used that make it more sought after. These include one or two flavors of ice creams, leche flan, ube and jackfruit shreds. With these ingredients, the special halo-halo also comes with a pretty price but it is worth the buy.

1. Ice Cream

Ice creams come in a variety of flavors such as cookies and cream, quezo real, mocha, chocolate, ube and many more. These coolers bring excitement and joy to both kiddos and adults. No matter what flavor it is, there is a taste that will get you hooked with it.

The summer coolers are indeed sweet treats that can cool you down this dry season. Although there are a lot of options, Filipino coolers are best during summer.

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