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Only one or two people can be successful in becoming their own boss. What are the things that you have to learn and unlearn once you decide to run your own business? Such decision should be taken seriously because once you decide and start investing, there is no turning back.

So how can you be sure you are ready and what steps should you follow?

Being your own boss is a very inspiring idea. You go to work at your own time, you are in charge of your earnings, you have the creative liberty to do what you want to do with your business and most of all, and you cannot be fired!

The most common and the biggest misconception in starting your own business is to think that you would first have to have the capital. There are only three major components and money is not the first, it only comes third. So what are the first two?

First, you have to create a fresh, innovative – to find a UNIQUE PRODUCT that would be marketable; you have to think research and do some feasibility studies to find that perfect product that is going to sell in your area. You have to consider the season, culture, income and a lot more to find that product that holds your success.


Second, you got to have the PASSION. This is the most difficult ingredient in succeeding in almost everything and I bet that you agree with this 100%. For us to succeed in our plans we always need to prepare ourselves for it, we have to prepare for success and also for failure. But we must not be pessimistic about things as a matter of fact being optimistic makes a big difference. OPTIMISM would be a great partner for PASSION. If you have PASSION, then no mediocre outputs only superior.

Last but absolutely not the least would be the capital. Money is everywhere – all you need to do is tap the right people. Connections and a good credit status would greatly help in raising the capital. If you do not have any issues with raising the capital or if you have raised the enough amounts to sustain your plan, then it would be the best scenario. You are now ready to be your own boss.

Venturing in entrepreneurial endeavors is really difficult and you have to sacrifice and risk a lot of things namely money, energy and time. It is a big task to fulfill and unlike if you’re working for a company, you refuse to or you are not obliged to do tasks that are beyond your job description.

If you are going to be your own boss, the task and obligations are endless. If you do not do it or pay a good amount for somebody to do it, then you will be stuck. So again, it is definitely not easy.

Being your own boss is not that all so glorious. But if you believe that you are one of the two who has the probability of succeeding, then by all means be it!

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