The World of Freelancing in the Philippines

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Allowing you to work from your own home, be your own boss, and frequently set your hours are the perks that freelancing can offer. Aside from getting a job directly from your client, you can work anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. This way, you can be independent without the need to start an actual business.

Freelancing gives no boundary to the sort of work that a certain client wants.  Freelancers can just do any kind of work you might imagine.  They offer services in the areas in which they are especially talented and they draw on their employment experience to potential clients.

Mainly, you can do a freelance basis under your own name with anything you might consider doing in your own business. Few of the most popular freelance jobs are freelance writing, desktop publishing services provider, virtual assistant or virtual professional, and bookkeeper.


The world of freelancing in the Philippines has emerged because of its principal advantages in the online jobs. In the huge bulk of cases, you will be able to work from home and there is a little time and low costs in getting started with a great deal of independence.  The majority of people who have tried freelance jobs decided to stop looking for employment and began to like being independent.

  • You are in control of your own hours and you can use a lot time to examine other ways you can market your freelance services or improve your website. This is what most individual desires, to obtain a job and work with less hassle.
  • It is also a great way to help you if you suddenly find yourself unemployed. You can have the job until you find other work while giving you exposure to a variety of projects and helpful experience in client service.

In these difficult economic times, lots of individuals don’t have works. It seems like the job opportunity has been closed to many because of the great competition for a small number of jobs available to thousands of job seekers. But most opportunities go to those internet savvies that are comfortable with the online world and the social media sites.  Through what the online world can provide, freelancing became an answer to millions of people who are looking to work from home.

The only investment that you need is a workstation/ machine- a personal computer, or laptop. You can simply get started with just having less capital. It is easy to get potential customers because there are lots of freelance marketplaces on the Internet. These job sites are free but some charge a renewable payment in order to offer for jobs. But to get a project as soon as possible, it is better to go for a premium membership. It offered by most freelance marketplaces and job sites.

Setting yourself on becoming an expert on something you enjoy doing especially in the world of freelancing will allow you to showcase your skills and knowledge and earn!

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  1. For me, I consider freelancing as the backdoor if you can’t get a qualified local candidate for the job. I’ve tried this several times already and it’s one thing that I should continue doing even if I switch to different niches. All you have to do is to trust a freelancing site and study their processes so you won’t end up being scammed. In my 2 years of hiring freelancers I’ve built relationship with since their services are excellent. Before you get your ‘staff’ they will have to undergo a series of tests to decipher whether they are really fit for the position or not. I mean all you have to do is to wait for the shortlist, and for me that’s a very good service to a client.