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The Philippines has the capacity to succeed and flourish its economy. Innovations and resources are already at hand but they are deemed to be wasted. Could this be because of the lack of Filipino entrepreneurs in the Philippines or is it just because they are incapacitated?

Given that the Philippines is a highly entrepreneurial country, the Philippine government is still in a dilemma on how they would respond to the demand. They want to utilize these resources into a wealth-producing enterprise and skilled Filipino entrepreneurs are important to make the plan prosper.

Filipinos have the capacity and skills to be an entrepreneur. It could be something innate that only need some honing to bring out the full aptitude. The only problems they encounter are the queries on how and where they should start.


The driving force of capitalists in the Philippines is poverty. This is the primary reason for the mushroom growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Not all of these established businesses succeed because of the following reasons.

  • Financial problems or insufficient funds
  • Lack of research and development
  • Lacks in marketing advice
  • Poor access to technology
  • Government corruption
  • Lack of knowledge of the entrepreneur
  • Lacks in focus
  • Inability to handle or manage money properly
  • Not fully oriented to his vision
  • Insecurity


Failure of these enterprises to succeed is partially attributed to the lack of skills of the Filipino entrepreneur. Such problem can be resolved by attending training to enhance his skills and act on the problems concerning his self. For the other factors, the government has to look at it and take the necessary actions.

To prevent the resources from being wasted, industrialists should possess the qualifying requirements and skills. These will serve as his weapon to withstand any challenge that would come in his way.

  • Discipline – They plan carefully the needed strategies before they implement it. They take it in a step by step process.
  • Open minded – They welcome new innovative ideas that could help in achieving their goals. They mingle with other entrepreneurs and eventually acquire positive qualities.
  • Competitive – They have to be competent in their chosen expertise to make a remarkable record for the company.
  • Determination – No matter what they encounter on their way, they will still pursue to achieve the goals and objectives.
  • Passion – The main ingredient for entrepreneur’s success is passion. They should love their work and carry out the needed tasks.
  • Creativity – This quality enables them to make connections to unrelated situations. Whenever a problem arises, they formulate appropriate solutions.
  • Confidence – They do not doubt their selves if they will succeed in their chosen field. They believe and rely on the knowledge they have.

The Philippines is definitely in need of skilled Filipino entrepreneurs. The reason for this is that entrepreneurs would help boost the country’s economy, uplift the living standards of the Filipinos, provide employment opportunities to the needy Filipinos, entice foreigners to invest in the country and showcase Philippine products to the world.

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  1. Low capitalization usually make the company shut down. Even if you have the best entrepreneurs in operations it will be hard for them to manage the business without liquid fund.