Teaching the Kids How to Play Chess

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I was cleaning the attic in preparation for Daddy’s attic project when I found our old chess set in a box. It has brought many fun memories to me and Daddy since we actually met in a chess competition back in college.

I just can’t imagine how we managed to forget about the chess set all these years! Pretty hectic life, yes? So, I brought it downstairs.

Just as I expected, Daddy was thrilled when he arrived from work. Our eldest got curious as well while Daddy regaled the kids with stories of our conquests in the chess field back in the day.

antique chess board

So, right after the kids had done their assignments and finished their chores, Daddy began the chess lessons. It must be in their genes to be chess champions because it didn’t take him too long to have them pushing the pieces in correct movements. Oh, they can’t beat him yet but give it some more months of practice and these kids are going to beat dear old Daddy!

It was heartwarming to see the kids concentrate on beating their daddy. By bedtime, they were already pushing him for a draw. Is Daddy getting rusty or is he letting the kids win? *wink*

The kids are now in bed yet I still can’t believe how many years we have forgotten about the chess set! Tomorrow, the hubby is going to put some varnish on the pieces and the board to make them look better.

Cheers to board games and no gadgets!

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