Preparing for Summer: An Inflatable Pool for the Whole Family!

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It is March. The weather is so hot that I wish we have our own swimming pool in the yard (note to self: too expensive, mommy!). Sigh. My hubby must have grown tired of me complaining about the heat so much that he dropped by the mall on his way home to buy an inflatable pool! Yahoo!

The plastic swimming pool is red and has Cars pictures on the sides. Our eldest was enthusiastic about the new pool but I think the princess is the one who is most excited to try the pool. She even ran to the room to get her Dora swimsuit ready!

Thank goodness it is Friday today so we can try out the pool tomorrow. I am quite sure the kids will love the refreshing waters of the pool. Even now, as I write this post, I am already dreaming about the pool party tomorrow.

cars inflatable swimming pool

I’ll let the kids wear their swimsuits as if it were a real pool. Daddy said the pool is the largest he found at the mall and it would fit us all. I can’t hardly wait for tomorrow to come!

Just like a real pool party, there will be lots of cool refreshments for everyone. Daddy’s buying meat early in the morning so we can have barbecue for lunch. I will also prepare some fresh fruit juices and sandwiches for snacks. There will also be some fried chicken for the kids or maybe I’ll just order some pizzas in the afternoon!

Alright, mommies (and daddies!), it’s sleeping time for this mommy here. Cheers to a great day tomorrow!

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