Baby Alive: New Dolls for Little Princesses

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I am actually quite amazed at how far toy manufacturers go to create toys that would appeal to the newer generation of kids. Yes, they now have to compete with gadgets as well; thus, they are trying to make more interesting toys so that parents will still buy their kids some toys.

Just recently, the Baby Alive dolls have caught my attention. Thankfully, my princess did not really ask me to buy her one (Princess: “Just the Barbie, Mommy!”) but I had a good look at the doll.

baby alive cute dolls

What amazed me is that the boxed set actually came with what looked like real diapers! Of course, these were very small ones but looked like the real deal, anyway. According to the instructions in the box, the child can feed the baby and change her diapers after she pees and poops. Oops! For real? I did wonder if the doll will urinate and make some poops after eating but I was too shy to ask the lady at the store.

Anyway, the price for the doll was actually quite high, even more expensive than the Barbie our princess had set her eyes on. So, maybe the doll does urinate and poop (uh oh!). I wondered if I had to toilet-train it, too. LOL

I must admit that the doll looks really cute and it comes with some really cute clothes and stuff. It even has its own pacifier, feeding bottle, and bib!

Moreover, the box promises hours of fun for the little princess who buys the interactive doll because it moves and wiggles around.

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