Converting the Attic to a Delightful Playroom

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The kids are growing up so fast and gaining a lot of toys. With the arrival of their playhouse (a gift from my friend, JC), their old playroom looks cramped now. So, Daddy got himself a new project: converting our attic into a playroom.

I found this really nice inspiration for an attic playroom from but we won’t be copying all of it. I do like how the walls have shelves for organizing toys and stuff – each kiddo will have one side so there will be no fighting.

organized attic playroom

The playhouse will be at the middle. I think we will have some sofas custom-made for the kids. The attic is spacious enough to accommodate a small table with some chairs. We might even add a wall TV like the one in the picture if Daddy and I can manage to save up for a small unit for the kids to watch some educational DVDs from time to time.

Oh, by the way, I want the playroom to be a real playroom – a place where the kids can truly have fun playing. So, I will have Daddy build a wooden “tree house” with stairs at the tallest part of the attic.

I could just imagine the fun that our eldest could have in that that little tree house in the attic. He’s old enough to want to want some independent play and space for himself. In fact, the old playroom will be converted to his own room.

Ah! What a bliss it is to see these kids happy. I am quite sure they will love the new playroom. Alright, time to order some construction supplies!

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