A Jungle of Stuffed Animals, My Little Girl’s Collection

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My little girl loves dolls but she also has a collection of stuffed animals enough to create a little jungle in the playroom. The first few items in that collection were actually from mine. I used to have a pretty collection of animals, too (well, I’ve had plenty of suitors when I was young and they loved giving me stuffed animals LOL).

Our princess likes to play with her stuffed animal collection from time to time, arranging them in a row so they could watch her majestic parade. She would wave to the animals like the princess she thinks she is while clutching on her precious Barbie doll.

Most of the animals in the collection are bears and bunnies but there are also some monkeys of all sizes and colors (I didn’t know there were rainbow-colored monkeys! LOL).

stuffed toy animals

She’s recently expressed interest in My Little Pony and there are actually a lot of these cute and colorful ponies for sale at the mall but we told her she won’t be getting more stuffed animals until her birthday in June. After all, we had spent a sizeable amount on her Barbie doll.

By the way, mommies and daddies (are there daddies reading this blog? LOL), how do you care for your kids’ stuffed animals? I found it easy to dump in the small ones in the washing machine but I am afraid the bigger ones will get deformed if I do so. I actually send the bigger ones to the dry cleaners.

When Daddy gets the attic playroom ready for the kids, the princess is also getting a spot with some shelves for her stuffed animal collection.

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