A Walker with Toys for Our Little Angel

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I admit that having a third kid was a big challenge for our family, in so many aspects than I could list. Still, our little man was also a big blessing, arriving at a time when we were at our lowest of lows. So, I always see him as our little angel.

Little angel he may be, he’s the one who is actually the least pampered of all. Most of his stuff were hand-me-downs from his older siblings, including the cutesy cloth diapers our princess used in her wee little baby days. Even most of his toys are pre-loved!

Well, last Christmas, Superman and I decided that we should give our little angel something nice and wonderful from the mall. Nothing pre-loved for him on Christmas Day.

walker-with-toysI think I mentioned already that we have this rewards’ funds. Dipping into that allowed us to buy our little angel with a walker that doubles as a toy. It’s the most expensive toy we’ve every bought any of our kids but since we did save a lot by not buying him toys, clothes, and other stuff, we thought it was but fitting that he receives the most expensive toy for Christmas.

Thankfully, the elder ones were just interested in the toy for a bit but got bored because it was “for babies, mommy!” The little guy loved it, though. He grips the handles at the sides to help him stand up. When not interested in learning how to walk, he would plop down the carpet and punch the colorful buttons. He squeals with delight when the music starts. There’s a different one for each button so it really was quite interesting.

Made of plastic, the toy was actually quite sturdy and safe for the little kiddo to use. Of course, we stand at his back for support when needed but he is growing stronger each day that he requires less and less help. I’m quite positive that he’ll be walking more confidently by next month. Go, baby!

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