Meet ‘The Hulk’, One of the Biggest Pitbulls in the World

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Weighing a whopping 173.4 lbs on his official weigh-in last year, ‘The Hulk’ is definitely one of the largest and heaviest pitbulls in the world – and he’s also among the most fearless of the bunch having been trained in the kennels of Dark Dynasty K9s.

The Hulk has been a viral sensation ever since photos and videos of him had been shared millions of times on social media. People just could not believe how large this dog is – and also because he lives and plays with the owners’ young child!


Considering the many horror stories we’ve heard all over the news about fierce pitbulls who mailed adults to death, it is a horrifying though to imagine this giant pitbull attacking his owners’ boy yet the couple swear that The Hulk is ever so gentle with their son.

Although he would surely protect the family at all costs and would readily anything and everything that might bring harm to his family, he would never attack the child – the couple insisted.

Videos of the pitbull and the owners during training show that the dog can be very fierce and strong. In fact, he was able to bite through the thick training suit and scratch the man’s arm but that is, of course, not his intention since they were only undergoing training at the time.

Further videos showed him having fun with the couple’s kid and even joining him in the bathtub as they enjoyed a song while bathing! LOL.

This simply proves that even the toughest, fiercest dogs can also be the sweetest with tender, loving care.

Still, the internet is not convinced and many people are still trying to warn the couple to keep the dog away from their kid although they had the perfect answer to that: stay out of our business because he’s our dog and you don’t know what’s happening inside our house…

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