WATCH: Heartwarming Rescue Mission for Frightened Golden Retriever

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Hope for Paws, a non-profit organization that rescues dogs and helps them find a new home, received reports of a Golden Retriever living in the streets in Los Angeles, California. A pair from the team scoured the streets for days, looking for the dog.

After five long days of not finding the dog, they finally spotted her but noise from a train frightened the Golden Retriever which rushed to find a place to hide. It found one under what appears to be an abandoned trailer.


Its days living in the streets had scared this dog to bits – and she crouched low under the trailer, away from the humans who were actually trying to help her. The rescue mission was not an easy task because of the low overhead clearance and because she was too frightened that she rolled over and actually covered her eyes with her hands like a scared little child!

The rescuers could not immediately get her out of that hiding spot as she resisted their help although the compassionate rescuers took their time in letting her feel safe and secured that they won’t be trying to hurt her.

It was amazing how they even tried to touch her, knowing that she could easily bite them with her sharp teeth; thankfully, although she was scared and unsure of these humans, she didn’t bite. Little by little, as they were able to gain her trust, she moved out of her hiding spot.

After the initial panic attack, she warmed up to these kind humans and she would later join them without trying to escape. She must have sensed they were only trying to help her out!

Watch the heartwarming rescue mission here:

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