WATCH: Awesome World Record for Dogs Riding Kiddie Bikes to Finish Line

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Dogs are brilliant animals that can be taught all sorts of tricks – anything from simple tasks like playing dead and rolling over to more complicated things such going through a complicated trail without hitting anything.

But did you know that dogs can also be taught to ride a bike? Well, of course they can’t probably use the two-wheeled bicycle without balancers as they could easily fall off that one but kiddie bikes are simply perfect for their height and skills!


Just take for example this video from Guinness World Records showing a pair of dogs having a race on kiddie bicycles! The dogs were trained to sit properly on those bike seats and cycle their way from the starting line to the finish line which was 20 meters away!

Amazingly, these dogs actually handled themselves like little kids on those kiddie bikes – even positioning themselves properly on the seats to ensure they don’t fall off.

Then, as you can see in the video below, without any help from the humans around them, the dogs began to cycle on those kiddie bikes! Of course, things would have been different if there were no balancers on those bicycles but amazingly these dogs were able to achieve their goals!

One of them even cycled backwards a few meters back when it was about to reach the finish line, losing the race to his friend. Still, winner or not, I am quite impressed by this dog and his friend! They both showed that dogs can ride bicycles like humans can!

I think it is not too late to start training our dog for this! Hmmmmm…

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