Twist Car – The Toy for All Ages

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I still vividly remember the day we bought our eldest his twist car when he turned 2 so many years ago. Instead of the little kiddo driving the car around the yard, it was actually my husband who spent the first several minutes playing with the toy! He even refused to hand over the toy to our son for a few minutes more. LOL

What amazes me now is that the twist car actually managed to survive the years and now ready to be handed to our little son. My hubby and our eldest have finally spent so many hours using the toy that they don’t find it as interesting now.

red cars twist car

When we gave it to our princess, she complained about the noise the wheels make and how she can’t maintain her balance at first. Later on, it was her favorite for a few months, her “chariot” while she checks on her constituent dolls.

She actually didn’t mind that it was old and had so many scratches you’d think they were part of the design. Still, the wheels are intact, thanks to daddy’s TLC. The plastic seats look worn and the stickers have long faded and gone but she didn’t seem to mind.

With our youngest, the trusted toy does look aged but still serviceable so we are not planning to buy him a new one, really. For now, we don’t allow him to use the twist car considering that he is still learning how to walk but in 2 months or so, this toy would become his own vehicle.

I feel thankful now that we had bought his brother the more expensive and more durable kind available in the market at the time.

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