Our 1-Year-Old is Learning His ABCs with a Toy!

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I’ve already gone through 2 older kiddos who learned their ABCs just as soon as they began talking so I call myself a pro in stuff like these. What makes it really easier for the kids to learn is to use visual aids – anything you can find but the more colorful, the better. Interesting, attractive patterns appeal to kids so a chalkboard is not a good idea at this stage.

So, we bought our little tike an ABC study machine. We picked something that looked nice and didn’t open and close like a laptop. Oh, you’ll find plenty of those in the mall but the hinges are bound to crack when the baby sends the toy flying – trust me. I’ve been through that before.

Kaizen Alphabet Study Toy Machine

There are those who criticize us for teaching our kid very early on, telling us that it is not good to force his brain to learn that early because he will eventually learn ABCs in school. I beg to differ. It’s not really about learning the alphabet per se but it’s about introducing the kid to learning.

Learning can be fun, actually. We are not even forcing him to learn just yet but merely introducing him to the concept of the alphabet. If he shows interest in learning those letters, then great!

Sometimes, other parents can be so condescending (and irritating!) yet as the kid’s own parents, I believe that we know what is best for our child.

Anyway, I don’t want to rant here. My little kiddo is happy with his new toy and showing signs of recognizing some letters already. I just can’t wait to hear him repeat the letters by himself.

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