Finding the Best Gift for my Son

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The last Holiday season proves to be one of the most challenging seasons in my life. I had difficulty in finding the best gift for my son which is 10 years old. I have 3 children; a 10-year old boy, a 4-year old girl and a 1- year old boy but the 10-year old boy proves to be the most difficult to please when it comes to toys. And besides, I have entrusted my wife to buy them toys.

My mind was debating whether to buy an educational or an enjoyable toy. And of course one of my main considerations is the price of the toys that I will buy for my son. There are many toy guns that are available in almost everywhere I go but I don’t want to expose my child to violence at an early age. I search everywhere but that particular toy seems to elude me. This has lead to me think outside the box and search from other sources like the internet.

After spending countless hours surfing and searching the internet for that one particular toy that I want to buy for my son, I stumbled upon an interesting and not so common toy. It’s called Laser Maze Logic Game. It instantly grabs my attention because it’s a logic game which means that it is educational and enhances brain development of a child. I also think that my son and every child will be excited when they here that it has LASER BEAMS. There’s an instant attraction between lasers and children especially boys. In the post, it also says that this toy builds reasoning and sequential skills which is a big plus for me. It also says that it has 60 challenges from beginner to expert which means that it will take a while before you can finish it which also means that its life span will be long.

Laser Maze Logic Game

But since I am not that easy to convince, I’ve looked for some customer reviews about the products, because that is the only way you can tell if a product that is sold through the internet is good or bad. Make no mistake about it, not every customer review is true. It takes a special discerning skill to know if the customer reviewing a product is telling the truth or is just paid to say good things about it.

To make the long story short, I am convinced to buy it for my son. I’m quite nervous about the reaction of my son whether he would love it or not. Then, a postman came knocking on the door; it’s a package for me and inside is the toy that I bought for my son. I try not to look excited or something but I am not that good at it. I gave it to my son and watched him as he unpacked it. When he saw it, I saw his eyes sparkling and he came to me hugging and kissing me. It’s the best thing a dad would want, to see his child happy. No words can express how I felt that day. I’m relieved that he loved it and up to this day, my son and me enjoys playing it.

The video below helps me and my son a lot on learning how to play Laser Maze.

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