A Daughter’s Simple Request

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The mind of a child is truly wonderful. They see the world in a different light. I’ve learned this from one of the most educational movie franchise for me; The Star Wars, especially Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. I think that the reason behind it is that they have fewer things to worry about. If you have fewer problems, your mind is clear, and you can see the world in a different way and in a broader perspective. For them; the world is a simple place, and solutions to problems are simple too.

They also have inner abilities and talents that are just recently discovered by science. They have 2 reflexes that are in them from the time they were born; the dive and swimming reflexes. The dive reflex of a baby is the ability to hold their breath when submerged on water. Swimming reflex is the ability to move their hands and feet in a swimming motion when they are in water. All of these reflexes disappear when a child learns how to walk. That is why I believe that every child has a unique talent that parents should notice early in their life to be able to develop that talent and nurture it. Just like my daughter, I noticed that she has an inclination in drawing, doodling, and coloring. I told to myself that I have the responsibility to nurture this gift to my child and to show her the way to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. She also loves pets especially dogs.

Color A Dog House

One day, my daughter told me that she wanted to buy our dog a new house and that she wants to decorate and paint the dog house herself. It made me realized that I must buy her a coloring book instead. But then, she had dozens of coloring books in the house and all of it she had already finished coloring. She came to me again and said if I have already bought the dog house. She also said that her friend has a dog house that is also a coloring book; it’s called Color-a-Dog House. At first I was confused but when her friend’s parents told me where they bought it, I knew that I will also buy one for my daughter. The Color-a-Dog House also comes with a cardboard dog that can also be colored and it also has coloring pens to be used for coloring the house. I will definitely buy this toy for my daughter since it is not often that she comes to me to ask for a toy.

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