Exploring the World with Dora the Explorer

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When I was young, we were so poor that we didn’t own a TV set. I’m not going to rant about the differences of our generation with kids these days but I tell you that I think we had more fun then. Well, I actually allow my kiddos to play with other kids in the neighborhood but living in an urban setting is just so different from our home in the barrio.

Anyway, just because we’re stuck in the metro doesn’t mean my kids can’t see the world and have fun with nature. We haven’t gone on international trips but we’ve done a few vacation getaways closer to home – Batangas, Baguio City, Tagaytay, Star City, Enchanted Kingdom, and Manila Ocean Park. Too few? Forgive a big family for having a hard time with family trips. Le sigh.

To compensate, perhaps, we’ve given our daughter several DVDs of Dora the Explorer. She absolutely loves them! She could watch the shows over and over again yet never be bored by their adventures.


Well, she’s limited to watching TV or any gadget use for just 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Still, I believe she’s watched those shows for more than a hundred times already! We’ve actually introduced her to Barney, Brainy Baby, and other educational DVDs but she prefers the Dora ones.

She was even eyeing a large Dora stuffed toy at the mall but liked the Barbie better. It was kind of weird to see her choosing the Barbie over Dora, considering that she prefers watching Dora over the Barbie movies, really. She must have seen something about the Barbie at the mall.

Just as long as she doesn’t start wearing high heels or asking me to dress her (or worse, me!) with Barbie-like clothes and make-up, we’ll be fine. But I think she’s more like me, an adventurous, not-girly, boyish-like lady. She even prefers a backpack (like Dora’s!) over a trendy bag (like Barbie’s). Thank God!

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