A Workbench for a Growing Handyman

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In this day and age of electronic toys and gadgets, it is nice to realize that our son shows interest in the stuff that his daddy does around the house. My hubby is a bit of a handyman, fixing electrical outlets, changing light bulbs, putting up shelves, de-clogging sinks, etc. When he’s busy around the house, our son would tag along and ask him all sorts of questions about what he is doing.

We both realized that it is good to encourage him to help out in stuff like that so he would learn from his dad’s example. At 10, he can’t be trusted to do the re-wiring of electrical outlets yet, of course, but he can already identify his dad’s tools and the stuff they use around the house.

I was browsing through some toys online when I chanced upon this workbench. It really looks great! But we also wanted him to have something that has better value and has more useful tools so daddy is going to build one for him.

Wooden workbench toy with child-friendly materials

He’s quite excited about the workbench that I heard him badgering his dad about it a while ago. I do hope the hubby makes time to build one soon (and that they forget about the RC chopper LOL).

He even wants his dad to place the workbench at the garage just like my hubby’s workstation. It’s nice that they are going to find something good to do aside from playing with his gadgets. Plus, it would be nice to have another pair of hands to do odd jobs around the house when he gets older.

Moreover, our youngest might even find inspiration with the older men in the house and be a handyman, too. A woman can dream, right?

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