A Remote Controlled Chopper for My Boys

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Yep, you read the title right, and I am not referring to both of my sons but just my eldest and his dad! Really, what’s the big deal about boys and remote controlled toys? My hubby is going crazy about this chopper they both found at the mall today!

The price tag was a bit higher than what we would spend for the kids but right now my hubby is actually the one more keen on buying the toy than our son! I guess men just don’t outgrow their love for cool toys like that chopper.

What I found really amusing in this situation is that our eldest, somehow, has an inkling that they will eventually get what they want. So, he didn’t join in the “negotiations” but let his dad do the talking. He just gives me a knowledgeable grin, knowing that I will eventually give in. Sigh.

remote controlled chopper

My superman began rattling off a list of chores that he and our eldest promise to do for the next month so I would allow them to buy the toy. Now, we’re talking! But the funny expression on our son’s face upon learning that he will take part in the tasks was almost enough to make me say “yes” right then and there.

So, I told them that they should prove their sincerity by doing those starting today. Then, we’ll buy the chopper in a month – and they will have to do those chores in the next couple of months! The two jumped for joy and began fussing in the kitchen. Wow! I think I love this new situation.

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